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Chengdu international railway line Limited company website Registration Protocol

  This agreement is you limited company website and the Chengdu International Railway class (referred to as: international trains; URL: between the service station and other matters related to the contract, please read this Agreement carefully registered, click "register" button, this agreement is a legal document binding on both parties. Confirmation and acceptance of the first terms of service
1.1The user agrees to all the terms of the registration agreement and complete the registration process, in order to become the official user of the station. The terms and conditions of this Agreement are the contracts for the treatment of the rights and obligations of both parties, and shall remain in force for the time being. Otherwise stipulated in the law, or otherwise agreed by both parties, the provisions hereof shall prevail.
1.2Users click "agree to this Agreement", that is, the user recognized that he has the right to enjoy the station's services and other corresponding rights and obligations, and can independently bear legal responsibility.
1.3 international class reserves the right to refuse to serve, close user accounts, clear or edit content or cancel orders within the limits permitted by the law of the territory of the People's Republic of China. Second local services
2.1 international trains through the Internet as the basis, to provide users with cargo trains through central Europe Rong European fast rail transportation, handling, storage, transport, customs, customs and other operations entrusted business online. The user shall have the right to use the relevant services of the station in full agreement with this Agreement and the provisions of this station.
2.2 on the website quotation, date of delivery and other service information may change at any time, this station does not give special notice. All users are requested to pay attention to the contents of the relevant service information. If the relevant disputes and losses are caused thereby, the international team shall not be held responsible. Third user information
3.1 The user shall provide the registration materials to the station by himself and ensure that the registration materials provided are authentic, accurate, complete, lawful and valid. If the registered materials are changed, the registration materials shall be updated in time. If the user provides registration information is not legitimate, untrue, inaccurate, not exhaustive, so users should bear corresponding responsibility and the consequences caused, and international trains to retain the use of international trains services terminate user rights.
3.2 user service orders by business in this station, real name, address, telephone number, e-mail and other information related to the privacy, the station will be strictly confidential, unless otherwise provided by law or the user's authorization, the station will not disclose user privacy information to the outside world.
3.3 after the successful registration of users, will generate user names and passwords and other account information, users should be cautious and reasonable preservation, use its user name and password. If users find any illegal use of user accounts or security breaches, please inform the station immediately and report it to the public security organs.
3.4 the user agrees that the international class has the right to inform and confirm the information of the order, the confirmation of the order information and the confirmation of the order information at the station by means of mail, SMS and telephone.
3.5 the user shall not lend the account acquired at the station to the user, otherwise the user shall bear all the liabilities arising therefrom, and the actual user shall bear joint and several liability.
3.6 the user agrees that the international class has the right to use the user's registration information, user name, password and other information, login into the user's registered account, evidence preservation, including, but not limited to, notarization, witnesses and so on. Fourth users according to law obligations
  This agreement is formulated in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and rules of the state, and the user agrees to strictly abide by the following obligations:
4.1 may not transfer or published: incitement to resist and undermine the implementation of the Constitution and laws and administrative regulations of speech, inciting subversion of state power and overthrow the socialist system of speech, to split the country and undermine national unity of speech, inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity of speech;
4.2 when transferring data and information from China to China, it must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of china;
4.3 we must not use this station to engage in illegal activities such as money laundering, stealing commercial secrets or stealing personal information;
4.4 shall not interfere with the normal operation of the station, and shall not invade the station and the national computer information system;
4.5 shall not transmit or publish any illegal, criminal, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, hurtful, vulgar, obscene, or uncivilized information;
4.6 no information or opinions that may damage the state's social and public interests and national security shall be transmitted or published;
4.7 no other person may be permitted to engage in any act prohibited by this article;
4.8 may not use the registered account in this station for profit-making business activities;
4.9 no infringement of copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights or legal rights shall be issued; Users should pay attention from time to time and abide by all kinds of legal rules and regulations announced or modified by the station from time to time. The station reserves the right to delete all kinds of information that does not conform to the laws, policies or information without informing the users. If the user fails to comply with the above requirements, the station has the right to make an independent judgment and to suspend or close the user account and other measures. Users must take legal responsibility for their comments and actions on the internet. Fifth user commissioned services
5.1 user container booking Commission operation, should be 10 days before the start of this platform provided daily demand, including time, number, name, quantity, cabinet type, packing shipment status and other items, contacts, telephone and other relevant information, and information on the authenticity, integrity and validity of the charge. If the user fails to provide the said information within the prescribed time, the result shall be borne by the user, and the loss of the international class shall be borne by the user.
5.2 involving classes, booking, commission and transportation services, in accordance with the specific needs of users, the two sides jointly determine the way of cooperation, and in accordance with actual conditions, signed a cooperation agreement or supplementary agreement.
5.3 users should ensure entry in the container cargo loading is not balanced, stable, partial load, weight, not overweight, does not violate the provisions of laws and regulations and industry of container transport, cargo shall not carry dangerous goods, contraband. Any violation of the operation, the user bear all the consequences and compensation for international class losses.
5.4 user container cargo shall comply with the requirements of a box type container goods, shall not be corroded or damaged box, not concealed, false name of goods, property, weight, do not use containers, scrap box over the railway transportation period, caused by the violation of the provisions of the user to bear fruit after.
5.5 if the user has special service requirements, must at least 10 days in advance written inform Party B. Sixth customs and fee settlement services
6.1 users must comply with the relevant provisions of the customs management platform, the time node within the declaration data uploaded to the information platform, electronic data upload must be truthful, and the need to ensure that electronic information provided no tax evasion, smuggling and other illegal behavior. At the same time, in accordance with the customs and inspection and quarantine requirements to provide relevant information, such as the user's electronic data error caused by the failure to pass customs, pass inspection and suitcase, all consequences are borne by the user.
6.2 the cost settlement uses system billing function to settle the class transportation costs. Before the delivery to the user, we will be on the line to issue billing list, and the first time pushed to the user, the user should check the cost in time, check the correct signature back. If the user fails to confirm the charges in time, resulting in no luggage, all consequences will be borne by the user. The user in line after confirmation, the monthly customer should be in the next month will be the beginning should pay the costs to save our account. The customer shall pay the fee by way of transfer or cash. If there is a payment lag problem, we have the right to delay delivery and can deliver the payment after the payment has been completed. Therefore, all consequences will be borne by the users themselves. Seventh liabilities for breach of contract
7.1 due to user default, not timely settlement, payment or other user reasons, resulting in delays in transportation and resulting in detention fees, damage to the goods, and other related consequences are borne by the user.
7.2 users who violate the relevant international rules and regulations relating to the transportation business are deemed to be user defaults and shall be liable for damages, and the international class shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.
7.3 any breach of the obligations under the contract, thereby causing loss to the other party shall be liable for compensation, including but not limited to the observant party due to hold the party in breach of liability for breach of contract arising from the deposit expenses, notary fees, litigation costs, attorney fees etc.. Eighth Disclaimer
8.1 because of the force majeure and the adjustment of the state laws and policies and other factors that lead to the inability of the contract to perform or continue to be performed, the two parties shall not be liable for breach of contract and liability for compensation.
7.2 in case of other unexpected reasons, the consent of both parties and reach a written supplementary contract, can not bear the liability for breach of contract. Ninth other terms
9.1 service change, interruption or termination. If the network service needs to be suspended because of the need of system maintenance or upgrade, the international class list will be notified, and the users should pay close attention to the relevant information.
9.2 in the event of any of the following circumstances, the international class has the right to discontinue or terminate the network services provided hereunder without notifying the user:
  (a) the personal data provided by the user is untrue;
  (b) the user violates the rules of use set forth in this agreement.
9.3 in addition to the aforementioned circumstances, international trains also reserves the right to suspend or terminate the part or all of the network service without prior notice to users in case of any loss of rights, for all the service interruption or termination caused by the international trains without the user or any third party any responsibility.
9.4 international class will revise the relevant terms and conditions of this agreement from time to time. Once the terms of the items change, they will be prompted to modify the content on the relevant page;
9.5 the user has the right to discontinue the use of Internet services if he does not agree to changes made by the international class to the terms of service. If the user continues to use the network service, it is considered as a change in the acceptance of the terms of service by the user.